Our Process

“I bring my years of experience to program the milling to the exact measurements you require. The accuracy of the machine is to within 0.001mm, which is about one hundredth of the thickness of a piece of photocopier paper.”

“Following your instructions, I hand-finish each putter head to your exact specifications”

“With over 60,000 options to personalise the toe, heel and bottom of the putter you can be sure no-one will have a Raybon Putter just like yours”

“We offer a full range of lengths of shaft and multiple types of grip, and each is fitted in-house to make sure that it meets our exacting standards”

“Finally, your bespoke high-performance milled putter is delivered to you with a certificate of authenticity and a top quality fully-bound photographic record of how it was made. I know you’ll enjoy your new Raybon Putter – it’s a true one-off.”